I am turning 60 and I am challenging myself to 60 days of travel adventures to stay young at heart!

Here I am, I am turning 60 years old next month! 

I remember being a teen and thinking 60 was so old! I thought that an active life would end at sixty.  I truly believed that at 60 you were bound to be a recluse, sit at home, read obituaries, work on puzzles, and watch the news.  Not that I don’t do some of these things, I do, but I do not want to just sit here and become old. Now that I am turning 60, I realize that it isn’t all news shows and the weather channel.  Yes, I will admit some parts of me are not working as well as they used to, but they are still working and that is what matters. This year I am going to show the world that 60 is not a death sentence, it is a time to live…a time to let loose…a time to see the world and experience life.

Linda at 6 months old and her mother at Yellowstone NP

Me and Mom in Yellowstone when I was six months old.

The challenge –

For my 60th year on Earth, I am celebrating with visiting as many places as I can, but my goal is to travel for at least 60 days this year.  Sixty days of travel is approximately 20% of the year or at least six days a month. I want to show the world that turning 60 is not a death sentence, but a time to rejoice in the world around you.  I want to experience all of the great regions of the United States from the Mountains to the beaches, from the deserts to the grasslands…I want to see it all!  

Fred also turned 60 in the last few months and his challenge is to go on a long-distance bike ride…that is a different challenge.

Linda at 5 years old visiting Montana

Linda at 5 years old visiting Montana

In a few short days, I will embark on my first adventure to Fort Myers Beach in Florida.  This journey will be with my daughter and her boyfriend, my granddaughter and my daughter-in-law.  This epic trip will be five fun-filled days of sun, sand, and water…and most likely a lot of wine.  We have already booked a dolphin tour, a haunted bar crawl, and an amazing Airbnb near the beach. Here in Northern Illinois, it is cold and dreary most days, I am very excited to get out and get some much-needed vitamin D.

Linda at 18 - Getting Married tomorrow!

Linda at 18 – Getting Married tomorrow!

I am also planning an adventure in June to Glacier National Park.  I was born in Montana and I have traveled west, especially Yellowstone NP, more times than I can count in my 60 years, but I have never been to Glacier National Park.  We are taking 18 days to travel there and home with stops in a few of our favorite places including the Bighorn Mountains and the Badlands. This trip will be more of a scenic viewing trip in the mountains looking for wild animals (especially moose!), sunrises, and sunsets. 

A few places to revisit are Port Washington Wisconsin, Omaha Nebraska,  and many places close to home

We are currently in the market for a new RV…anyone out there have suggestions or recommendations?

60 Day Travel Challenge

The end of 2019 and moving to 2020 – The Year I Turn 60!

Help me plan my 60 Days of Travel Challenge:

Do you have any ideas for my other 37 days of travel?  

Follow me on my social media to follow my adventures, it is going to be fun!

Preparing for the trip!

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