Have you traveled by bike?  How far have you traveled on a bike?  I have always been interested in adventure biking or trip oriented biking for many years.  Initially, I would love to adventure bike from my home north of Chicago, along the coast of Lake Michigan through Wisconsin and Michigan and back home.  The challenge of riding such a distant and pushing through physical and mental stress of the daylong ride seems like an adventure I would love. I did run a few marathons and a half marathon, so I think I am up to the challenge.  I think the mental aspect of the ride would by far be the most difficult to endure. Now I ask myself; how do I prepare physically and mentally for such an adventure? 

Bike Adventure Inspiration

My obsession started about a month before writing this post.  I started riding and working out again with the goal of just getting more physically fit. I’ve gained some weight and have been hampered by a long term ankle/foot problem and it has kept me from running, so I thought, “Why not start biking again?”

Adventure Biking

While on one of my rides on the Des Plaines River Trail, I flew past a biker who was resting. As passed him I waved and then I noticed he had a series of packs lashed to his bike. I almost kept going but decided to stop to find out where he was going and to share my desire to tackling and the adventure ride.

Adventure Biking

I had the pleasure of meeting Ed from Skokie IL. He said he was riding about 400 miles to Hayward Wi for a reunion.  I quizzed him to gain some insight into his ride and maybe someday my ride.  

I asked him what resources he used to learn about adventure biking and he said to start with https://www.adventurecycling.org/ they have many tips and how-to articles, from overnight trips to cross country trips. I reviewed the site and I will agree that it is a very good site to learn about adventure biking. The site has so many amazing maps and if you subscribe they will send you downloadable maps.  If you subscribe to their magazine they give so much information about the trails and equipment needed. Give them your email to get a free download of Guide to Adventure cycling. Their blog is amazing also.  

adventure biker

He suggested contacting local groups that might have an organized trip that could help a newbie get on the road.

Update my biking buddy that inspired me to prepare for my ultimate biking adventure – He went 196 miles from the Des Plaines River Trail in Wadsworth, Illinois to Black River Falls in Wisconsin – 196 Miles so far and still going!  I am so excited to get going on my adventure!

A quick search revealed that in the app Meetup an area “Bicycling” which had 2,161,295 members in 2,320 separate groups – 


I found two large groups in my county and sounds like they are very active and are open to newbies. Yeah!


So first some actual research that I need to answer a few of my questions. My first set of research I must complete is finding out if my wife will let me go on such a journey – Love ya Mrs. Witte’s World…can I go? There that was easy…hope she says yes!

Adventure Biking in Action

Next what tools and resources will I need to embark on such a journey. I have a nice bike but after my quick talk with Ed from Skokie, Illinois, I started to question if my bike would do the job. Of course, it will do the miles, but can I set it up to carry the additional load of a long trip? There are so many unanswered questions about equipment, trails to use, places to stay and so much more…so on to my research!

Mapping the Adventure Biking Trip

Follow my preparation to take off on my first ever Adventure Biking experience!

Have you been on an Adventure Biking Trip?  Tell me about your experience!

My must-haves for an Adventure Biking Trip!


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