The Backyard Steak Pit – Gurnee, IL – A Classic Steakhouse

The Backyard Steak Pit is a classic steakhouse in Gurnee, Illinois

Where do I go when I want a perfect steak? The Backyard Steak Pit! Sure, there are other steak restaurants close to me, but The Backyard Steak Pit has it all. This is family owned, classic, white tablecloth steakhouse. In fact, you will want to start your experience in the bar with a classic cocktail. I suggest a Martini with blue cheese stuffed olives or a Manhattan. Don’t worry, you never feel rushed in the Backyard, take your time and take in the wonderful aroma of their one of a kind charcoal briquette grill!

Backyard Steak Pit Gurnee, Illinois
Backyard Steak Pit Gurnee, Illinois

The staff is more than attentive, friendly, and best of all they laugh a lot. Mike Shannon, the owner, is always around to make sure things run smoothly or he will fix it right away.

Mike Shannon stopping to say hello!
Classic Cocktails – Martini, Manhattan, Amaretto Stone Sour, and a Stella beer.

The Backyard Steak Pit has a varied menu, but they are well known for their Black Angus aged steaks, cut to order prime rib, grilled pork chops, and delectable seafood. All Dinners come with either soup or their salad bar (yes, a real salad bar with all the trimmings), choice of potato, and a loaf of bread. You can also choose one of their tempting add-on options such as a succulent lobster tail or juicy mushrooms. Take your time and savor each bite of your heavenly entree.

Grilled Pork Chops – Oh my! They were so juicy and tender!
Prime Rib with Scallop Add-on – Look at the size of the Prime Rib and Scallops!
Juicy 8oz Filet with an add-on of Blue Cheese Crumbles and Mushrooms! Yummy!!!

Once a month Mike fires up his smoker and makes an amazing meatloaf.  The meatloaf comes with mashed potatoes and a vegetable.  This meatloaf is so full of smoke flavor and to top it off it is juicy and tender!  We won’t miss a meatloaf night at The Backyard Steak Pit unless we are out traveling.

The Backyard Steak Pit Meatloaf

If you still have room after dinner try one of their ice cream drinks or delicious desserts.

The Backyard Steak Pit Classic Grasshopper
The Backyard Steak Pit Classic Grasshopper
The Backyard Steak Pit is a Classic Steakhouse.

I can’t say that I have any negatives about my experiences at The Backyard Steak Pit. However, I have to comment that I hate the little foil packs of butter, not just here, but at all restaurants. I really hate to open each one of them to put on my potato. It would be nice to just have them put it on the potato for me. Really, that would be my only complaint.

My experience has always been wonderful at the Backyard Steak Pit! If you are in Gurnee and you want a great dinner, stop in at the Backyard Steak Pit and let Mike know Witte’s World sent you.

Map to Backyard Steak Pit

Do you have a classic steakhouse near you?

Tell me about it in the comments!

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