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Hi!  This is Linda and Fred of Witte’s World Blog, a blog that features our life experiences, travel, local restaurants, and learning about how to be a blogger.  Through our blog, we will give you honest, positive views of our life experiences, reviews of restaurants, accommodations, and/or attractions that we visit and our journey to becoming successful bloggers.

Our experiences will range from hanging with family and friends, our life lessons we have learned, how to stay married and in love for many years, traveling to places we love, eating at places we love, and our struggles with learning how to blog successfully.   Our promise is that we will do all of these with a bit of humor, all truth, and a positive outlook.

Our Life

First off, we are older than dirt (well kind of, but we still enjoy life!). Life was simple back in the day!  We grew up with lightning bugs, drinking water from the tap, spending the night in our backyard tents, and we were free to roam the neighborhoods from sun up to sun down.  We still follow their rules!

Meet Linda from Witte’s World

A bit about Linda:  My life started out in Montana, where I was born.  Unfortunately, my family moved to Illinois when I was just a toddler and I have lived here since. Just so you know, my heart is still in Montana.  In fact, when I was a child my family would travel to Montana every two years to see my relatives.  Most of the time we would travel to Montana in an R.V. or sleep in a tent.   I spent a lot of time in South Dakota, Wyoming, and of course Montana.  Through these trips, I learned to love camping and adventure.

In 1978, traveling became a true adventure with the one I love!  We spend as much time on the road as we can eating, drinking, and taking in the local sites.  When not traveling you can find me looking for adventure in and around Wadsworth, IL.  I am feisty, sarcastic, fun loving.  I love beaches, forests, desserts, food, wine, and the world!

Witte's World is a blog created by a Travel Loving Couple!

Meet Fred from Witte’s World

A bit about Fred.  I was born and raised in Wadsworth, Illinois.  This is where we both currently live our lives.  Since the day I could walk I was drawn to the outdoors and spent my days wandering the fields of Wadsworth.  As a family, we hardly ever traveled outside of the area because we had a very large family.  In fact, I have six brothers and sisters…yeah, WOW!  Mostly, I would spend time in the huge, in-ground pool my dad built in our backyard. The neighborhood kids would all come over and spend time in my garage (really a garage that my dad made into a three-room pool house).  When not swimming I was out with my friends fishing, riding bikes, pulling pranks on each other, and exploring the world around me.

Because of my carefree days growing up, I continue to love fishing, hiking, canoeing, biking, backpacking, camping, and hunting.  Mainly, I keep busy trying to keep Linda happy but still get some alone time to do my favorite things. I am always on the move and doing something and love the outdoors, relaxing on a beach, hiking through a forest, biking the local trails, food, beer, whiskey, and the world fascinates me.

All of Witte's Worlds Grandchildren ages 1 to 21

Witte’s World Family

About our Family: Through our forty years of blissful marriage we have raised three children, now grown and married.  Through these marriages, we celebrate having two more daughters and another son and eight grandchildren, ages under 1 – 21 years old.  All of these sons. daughters and grandchildren light up our lives and make for some great stories to tell!

Witte’s World Share’s Their Stories

About our Life: We love to eat at locally owned restaurants and share our pictures and ideas about these incredible experiences. Camping and fishing are our favorite activities, but we also love to relax and share a drink on a beach or pool. We have lived a full life and need to tell our stories of life, love, loss, and share our world of knowledge. Our current passion is Witte’s World blog and we hope that you will love it too!

Witte's World Blog pictures of Fred and Linda having fun in life!


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