Burgers and Bands – Kuma’s Corner Rocks as an American Bistro

When you walk in the door at Kuma’s Corner you are immediately bombarded by heavy metal music and graffiti walls. Maybe, bombarded isn’t a great word…that makes it sound like a war zone…it is far from a war zone, it is friendly and fun, I guess you could call it eclectic. The restaurant began its journey to stardom in, 2005 and has grown to four locations in the Chicagoland area and one in Indianapolis, Indiana. Integrating heavy metal and burgers what an ingenious idea!

Kuma’s at the corner of Belmont and Francisco Avenue in Chicago’s Avondale Neighborhood

As you can probably guess, Kuma’s Corner is well-known in the area and you might have a short (sometimes long) wait for a seat. We were lucky! Within minutes of walking in the door we were on our way to our seats! I couldn’t help but notice that all the staff are friendly and interactive with the diners, they really make you feel at home. In fact, you can see the cooks from your table dancing and the waitresses walk with a hop to the beat of the current tunes. I don’t think I have ever been in a friendlier atmosphere. Letting your hair down and enjoying the music and decor is a must in this fun bistro.


We were quickly settled in and ordered our drinks. Kuma’s has an extensive line of craft beers, wine, a full bar, small label whiskeys, as well as many non-alcoholic beverages. According to their website, the one item you won’t find at this bar is Budweiser and Miller Highlife. I ordered a Cabernet and my husband ordered a whiskey old-fashioned, both were excellent choices. What a great place to enjoy each other’s company, it was like being at home…yet you didn’t have to cook or clean!

Fully Loaded Bar with Many Craft Beers!

It was hard to choose our lunch because of the extensive choices! Their menu lists seventeen burgers choices, each with a famous band name. In addition, they have sandwiches, salads, and appetizers. WAIT! Did I just spot…CREATE YOUR OWN MAC AND CHEESE? My favorite meal in the world!!! The choices were outrageous! After much deliberation, a few cocktails and talking with staff, we finally ordered. I ordered the mac and cheese with portobello mushrooms and prosciutto. My husband couldn’t help but order the Famous Kuma’s Burger with applewood smoked bacon, cheddar, fried egg, and the trimmings.

While waiting for our meal we were able to talk, sing and talk with the staff and order another drink (or two). We asked if we could take some pictures of the grill area, and they were happy to pose for us while we snapped some pictures on our cell phones (we weren’t here on official business, but couldn’t help writing this review for them!). I will have to say, the staff here seem to just have fun and love their job!

The food arrived, hot, fresh and ohhhhhh so good! After some photo ops we gobbled it down! I was able to eat about ¼ of the mac and cheese as it was sooooo much (it made a great dinner that night though!). It was creamy, cheesy, gooey goodness! The fresh portobellos and salty prosciutto complements the cheeses and macaroni perfectly. My husband gobbled down his burger and finished it all (he loves his burgers!). The burger was huge, juicy and cooked to a perfect medium rare! An egg and bacon on top was just…well icing on the burger! Oh my! It was so filling and delicious!!! (I don’t think I have ever used this many exclamation points in one paragraph.

One thing that really stood out to us was their community support! They have a charity of the month and you can ask your server how to support them. In addition, they support local heavy metal bands and play their music, intermixing established bands with new and up and coming bands.

If you are ever coming to the Chicagoland area and love heavy metal, tattoos, friendly people and amazing food, you HAVE to take a trip to this American bistro on the far north side at the corner of Belmont and Francisco Avenues. HINT! When you visit here, you HAVE to use the restroom…even if you don’t have to actually use the restroom!

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