Featured Travel Writer Tuesday with Kristi Corder

Featured Travel Writer Tuesday

This is my first Featured Travel Writer Tuesday and I couldn’t ask for a better blogger to start the series!

Featured Travel Writer Tuesday
Kristi Corder with Family

Hi, everyone! My name is Kristi Corder and I am a travel blogger at Way Beyond The Norm. I’m also a wife, mom to 3 kiddos, homeschool educator, chiropractor, and homeopathy consultant. Our family of 5 has purged our belongings and will soon be moving into our RV for full-time travel around the USA. Our home in a northern suburb of Dallas, TX is currently for sale, and while waiting for the right buyer to come along we have already begun our travels. I hope to share our adventures with other families who are looking for fun family-friendly experiences around the USA as well as full-time RV travel information. I also hope to inspire others to live a more holistic and eco-friendly lifestyle while traveling.

How long have you been a travel blogger?

We decided in June 2017 that we were going to jump into full-time RV travel as a family. In just two short months, I started our blog to learn the ins and outs of travel blogging and blogging in general. I went live with our blog in January 2018, so I am closing in on my first full year of blogging.

Are you a full-time travel blogger or do you also have another job/career?

It seems like I’m a full-time travel blogger, but as you can see from my introduction, I have many other careers. Chiropractic is and always will be my primary career, but I’m enjoying being a homeschool educator (which is almost like a full-time job itself) as well as a homeopathy consultant helping people heal from their health conditions.

What got you started into travel blogging?

I got started with travel blogging due to our decision to RV full-time.

Featured Travel Writer Tuesday

Where was the most exciting place you have traveled to write a blog post?

We have been to many exciting places, but my absolute favorite has to be Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort and Campground. I am in love with all things Disney. So put Disney with RVing/camping and it’s the best thing ever!

Were you hired to write the post?

No, this was a blog post that I wrote completely on my own free will. This was before I knew how to pitch to travel locations for comped accommodations.

I haven’t written a sponsored travel post at this point. Traveling around in an RV many times consists of last-minute planning of places to go, and most places want advanced notice for comping accommodations. We are about to settle back into the house for the winter since it hasn’t sold yet, and I will be doing more planning for the next year of travel. At that point, I will be pitching to campgrounds, attractions, and entertainment venues that we want to visit.

What is working well for you and your travel blog? Why?

Connecting with more RVers and more people that want to RV full-time is working well. Also, engaging with people through social media has been great. I’ve met so many amazing bloggers this past year as well. These are people that I know I can call on when we plan to visit their area who can give me tips on what to see and do in the area. They’ll also be great resources for collaborations in the future.

What is not working out well for your travel blog? Why?

I think the hardest part of travel blogging is getting email subscribers. Everyone is tired of having thousands of emails coming into their inbox. I try to keep my emails to twice monthly as to not clutter anyone’s inbox. I have freebies and opt-ins like most bloggers suggest, but I’m just not getting the conversions. I think it’s time to re-evaluate my freebies and opt-ins.

Featured Travel Writer Tuesday
Way Beyond the Norm – Boondocking in the Badlands

What tools, programs, apps do you use to create your travel blog/website that you would recommend to all travel bloggers. You are allowed to add a link to your favorite programs, plugins, tools, or apps.

Grammarly is a must have! I make stupid grammatical mistakes when I’m writing my blog posts and Grammarly has been amazing at catching them. Trello is amazing also. I use Trello to keep track of social share groups, manual pinning to Pinterest, and blog management. I also use Canva to create most of my graphics. I’m not sure that I completely love it, but it gets the job done. I may look into something else if I feel it decreases the time it takes for me to create graphics. I also find myself on YouTube a lot looking for tutorials on anything from blog appearance to graphics to how to make a plugin work.

What piece of advice would you give to Featured Travel Writer Tuesday readers who are interested in starting a travel blog?

My advice would be to take a course that teaches at least the basics of blogging. Make sure one of the first things you put on your website is an email opt-in form. Start building that email list right away! Take as many free “5-day challenges” as you can. Many times, if you jump right into purchasing a big course on a specific blogging topic, you won’t have the necessary background and understanding to follow along and get the work done right away. Most of all, be yourself!

What do you have planned for the future of your travel blog?

I am planning on getting more sponsored accommodations as well as diving more heavily into teaching people how they can live a more “crunchy” (holistic/eco-friendly) lifestyle while RVing. I also hope to branch off of the main travel blog and developing a DIY/craft blog for the kids.

Featured Travel Writer Tuesday
Way Beyond the Norm – Camping among the Balloons

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8 thoughts on “Featured Travel Writer Tuesday with Kristi Corder

  1. This is such an awesome feature! Thank you for the tip on Grammarly! I am terrible with grammar myself, and always worry my post isn’t up to par. I LOVE Canva, you can make really eye catching pins! Great job on this Kristi!

    1. I LOVE Grammarly! It helps on all writing from posts to social media! I bought the pro because it is so useful!

  2. Love this feature! Really enjoy getting to know fellow bloggers and what motivates them. I also love the chance to get to know others outside of the social media scene.

    1. Want to submit for next week? Would love to feature you as an amazing blogger and travel agent!

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