Finding Good Eats in Omaha

Good Eats in Omaha

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Finding Good Eats In Omaha

Did you know Omaha was the birthplace of the TV Dinner?  Well, it was!  In 1954, CA Swanson and Sons, created the aluminum tray, the process to freeze the dinner, and the unique packaging for storing the TV dinner.  Now, those were some good eats (said sarcastically).  As much as we enjoyed TV dinners, Omaha is more well known for their unique and amazing restaurants and brews.  During our many visits to Omaha we have had the pleasure of visiting some amazing family-friendly destinations, but most of all we love their restaurants for some good eats!  It was difficult to narrow down our options and we hope you enjoy the restaurants we chose to review.  Please visit these restaurants if you are ever in the Omaha area.  

Vidlak’s Brookside Cafe

15668 W Center Road
Omaha, Nebraska 68130

Vidlak's Sign

If you are looking for a casual cafe for breakfast or lunch, look no further!  Tucked away in a strip mall, is Vidlak’s, named after the owners. This family owned and run restaurant is definitely a favorite for good eats at breakfast and lunch cafe for all the locals.  I will admit, the diner is nothing fancy, just an ordinary diner atmosphere, yet somehow, it adds to the ambiance of the meal itself. Dining here several times in the past has been a true pleasure!  

Vidlak's Country Fried Steak

The reasons are simple, the food comes hot, fresh, and with a huge smile!  With their breakfast and lunch menus will surely find something that appeals to your pallet. Don’t forget to check out their weekly specials menu for some great deals!  They serve breakfast all day too!  Whether you choose one of their farm fresh omelets or their famous egg and potato casseroles you will leave fully satisfied and full!  Their lunch menu also has a welcome variety from sandwiches to steaks…you want it, they have it. We also would like to add the prices are very affordable and the portions are large.  This is truly an outstanding cafe and a must for breakfast or lunch or both.

Blatt Beer & Table

Many Locations in Omaha (see website for addresses)

Looking for a fun place in Omaha to get good eats and have a beer, wine or cocktail?  Blatt Beer & Table has it all, including friendly waiters, waitresses, and bartenders.  Settle in, listen to some great music and enjoy the food and drink.

Blatt & Beer Menu
Blatt Beer & Table has a great beer, wine and cocktail menu!

You can’t find a better choice if you are a fine connoisseur of beer.  The beer menu alone will make your head spin!  They have everything from light to malty, including non-alcoholic choices.   My obsession with wine is real! If you have read my post Wine Much? you know that I enjoy wine.  Well, let me tell you Blatt Beer & Table delivers with their wine list!  Cocktails are fun and classy from a Guinness Bloody Mary to an Old Fashion, you name it, they will make it.  

Pouring a Beer at Blatt

The Blatt Beer & Table Menu includes many of your favorite pub foods with the Blatt twist, like a burger on a brioche bun with Guinness caramelized onions.  Like all their food the french fries are homemade and not frozen. Check out their website to view the food choices for each location.  If you are vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free rest assured they will have a meal that appeals to your taste buds.  They also have a great kids menu and are family friendly.

Blatt & Beer Nachos

Blatt & Beer Images

Blatt & Beer Food

Whether you want to meet with friends for drinks and dinner or dine with family and talk about your day, this place is where you will want to gather!

La Mesa

Many Locations in Omaha (see website for addresses)

La Mesa is an authentic Mexican restaurant with an excellent Margarita.  Talking about good eats, La Mesa has been voted the Best Mexican Restaurant in Omaha for the past 14 years in the Best of Omaha contest.  We can see why! We visited the La Mesa on Maple Street in Omaha. The atmosphere is authentic Mexican with a little contemporary flair.  With bright oranges, yellows, and greens that brighten your mood as soon as you pass through the doors. If you enjoy dining outdoors, this location has a beautiful outdoor patio.  The bar is large with plenty of room for friends to gather for a cocktail (or two).

La Mesa Omaha Menu

Of course, their main cocktail is the famous Margarita!  However, they don’t just serve up a regular Margarita, try the Champagne Margarita a house Margarita served with an upside down bottle of champagne.  How about a Watermelon-Jalapeno Margarita, cool and refreshing with a bit of a bite. Can’t decide? Get the Margarita trio. If you are not in the mood for a Margarita try one of their other cocktails like a Mojito, Daiquiri, or Sangria.  If cervezas are more to your liking try one of their many choices including Tecate and Pacifico. I do have to mention, I am glad I love a good Margarita because their wine is limited to Barefoot, which I am not a fan, but many people love it and that is great, it just is not for me.    

La Mesa Omaha Decor

Don’t eat too many of the fresh made chips and salsa, but if you do, don’t forget to order their famous cheese dip!  It is a bowl of hot, creamy, cheesy goodness. Not in the mood for cheese? Try their homemade fresh guacamole! It is so good!  While munching on your chips, take your time to browse the extensive menu. They have a full menu of just Taquerias (tacos)! Not to mention their huge burritos and yummy enchiladas.  Their food is authentic Mexican so of course, they have a menu from the Gulf of Mexico with many seafood choices. Can’t choose just one item? Order a combo from their combo menu…the choices are limitless.  I can guarantee you will not go away hungry!

La Mesa Omaha Combo Platter

The prices are very reasonable, especially when you add in the quantity and quality of their food.  Their servers are friendly and very helpful with any questions you may have on their menu or drinks.  

Lo Sol Mio

3001 S. 32nd Ave
Omaha, NE 68105

I don’t even know where to begin with this astounding restaurant! Lo Sol Mio is a family owned and operated restaurant in Omaha.   From the moment you walk in the door, you feel like you are part of the Losole family and you are entering their very own elegant dining room.  From the white napkins and tablecloths to the Chianti on the tables, this is traditional Italian fine dining restaurant. Take a deep breath and savor the aromas of Italy as you are ushered to your table to enjoy some good eats.  

Lo Sol Mio Platter with wine

Italy is well known for its outstanding vineyards and Lo Sol Mio brings these to you with their wonderful wine menu.  As you know, I love me some good wine and the choices here are massive from bubbly to bold reds they have it all.  Don’t laugh at me though, when we go here my son and I always share the bottle of Chianti presented on the table. It is the perfect coupling for all their meals.  Not everyone loves wine, they also have Martinis, Daiquiris, Margaritas, and a full bar to order up your favorite cocktail. In addition, they have many beer choices.  

Lo Sol Mio Antipasto

Have I mentioned you feel like you are in Italy when you are dining here?  In Italy do as an Italian and start off with Antipasti of Antipasto ( say 10 times fast!).  This is a huge cold platter of meats, cheeses, marinated vegetables, and olives. The flavors and textures on this platter are truly treasures to behold.  Moving on to dinner their menu gives you choices of entrees from Northern Italy or Southern Italy.  They have pasta and steak and everything in between. If it is Italian, they have it!  I love veal and always order something with veal. If you are gluten-free, they offer several gluten-free choices.  The meals are all homemade from their family recipes and come with a smile and pride.

The prices may be a bit higher than some restaurants, but the service and good eats are well worth the price!   

This post may contain Amazon and other affiliate links and I earn money from qualifying purchases. For further information see our Disclosure Policy.

14 thoughts on “Finding Good Eats in Omaha

  1. Been to a couple of those but not all
    La Mesa , Lo Sol Mio.
    We’ll have to get together the next time you are in town

    1. I had never planned on going there, but certainly, glad life brought me there! It is full of amazing things to see and do!

  2. The pictures get me blown away. They are inviting. When class, quality and good service meets, then it’s a good pick. Thanks for sharing

    1. Thank you! I love my Google Pixel! Takes amazing photos and videos. I also have a Cannon digital but still working on learning it and it is hard to bring into restaurants and carry around at times.

  3. Now i have a great list of places to visit in Omaha! it will be great to try them out

  4. Yum!! This made me so hungry!! I want one of those chicken fried steaks! And that Queso looks heavenly!! 🙂

    1. I LOVE Chicken Fried Steak! It is good in Omaha, but it is best in Montana!

  5. I love articles about finding good places to eat (especially when traveling). Sometimes Mr. SBF and I are so indecisive about where to go! If we are ever in Omaha, we will definitely take your advice!

  6. Let me start by saying that you made me hungry with all those food pictures ??. It’s great to have good quality restaurants to go to. As an added bonus to have good service too, win-win. Nowadays is a rare combination to find.

    1. I agree! So hard to find servers that pay attention to customers and not their cell phone!

  7. The restaurants look and sound amazing! I’ll have to keep this post in mind if I am ever in the Omaha area. It certainly makes me want to try more places in our city, though.

    1. They have so many great places in Omaha! I can’t wait to go back to try some more.

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