Milestone Blogger Award

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My Milestone Blogger Award

First of all, let me thank Tammy from Midlife Milestones for nominating me to be one of the first five to ever receive this award!  I am truly honored and humbled by this nomination because the Milestone Blogger Award was created to honor those that have helped other bloggers succeed and for Tammy to recognize that I have helped her fills me with so much joy!  

Thank You for My Milestone Blogger Award

I met Tammy from Midlife Milestones at the beginning of my blogging journey.  Tammy has taught me to persevere even when life and people are getting me down.  Although I started my blogging journey to become a money making, free traveling travel blogger, I soon realized that is is not as easy as it sounds.  In fact, most of the courses you take (and pay lots of money for) or the groups you join are filling you with empty hopes and dreams. Anyone can get a blog up and running, but actually succeeding is bound in determination, passion and your blogging friends.  I started For the Love of Blogging Facebook group because I wanted others to have a free place to ask questions, learn, and share their amazing content and Tammy has supported and been a huge asset to the group from the beginning. She is an amazing blogger and friend!  In the end, the milestone that Tammy (along with several other bloggers) helped me achieve is the understanding that anyone can start a blog, but you can only succeed as a blogger if you keep on plugging away daily at your goals and have lots of blogging friends supporting you!

Tammy from Midlife Milestones
Thank you, Tammy!

Three Goals I am currently working on:

  1. I have a Facebook Group, For the Love of Blogging, and I want to get it back up and running full force!  My goal is to get at least 10% of the 600 members participating in the learning and activities by the end of June 2019.
  2. I have the domain and would like to get that up and running to help bloggers get their blogs up and running by the end of September 2019.
  3. I want to get up to be a successful Travel, Restaurant, and Life Blog by making at least $500 a month on sponsored or paid posts by the end of 2019.

My Nominees for the Milestone Blogger Award:

This is the hardest part for me.  First of all, we are all part of a blogging community and so many bloggers have helped me along the way.  It is really hard to narrow the list down to just five. And truthfully, there are some non-bloggers that have helped me too.  My list will include the people who have taught me more than just how to blog, they taught me about myself as a blogger and they have all been here, supporting me, since the beginning of my journey.

Leave it to Mema
Vicki from Leave It to Mema –
  • Vicki from Leave It to Mema’s milestone to me has been in order to succeed you need to be physically and mentally healthy!  Vicki has been such a source of inspiration from the beginning of my journey. In fact, out of all my blogging friends, Vicki is the only one that I have met in person.  Vicki has taught me that being physically and mentally fit plays such an important role in reaching your goals and counting your successes. Follow her Facebook Group and Unhealthy to Healthy learn how to become fit mentally and physically.
Holly's Bird Nest Photo
Holly from Holly’s Bird Nest
  • Holly Bird from Holly’s Birdnest’s milestone has been to me that through gratitude and faith I can do anything I want to do.  Through gratitude, you find success because you build better management skills, increased focus and thus increased productivity, and the ability to make better business decisions….through all of these skills I can be a better business person and make my blog a success.  To really appreciate Holly you will need to follow her on her blog and on Facebook at Holly’s Bird Nest.  
Dan Swords and son
Dan Swords from
  • Dan Swords at Dan Swords milestone to me has been that you can never stop learning when it comes to blogging.  I met Dan on Twitter and he has helped me learn so many tricks when it has come to blogging.  Every post that Dan writes is full of amazing ideas on getting your blog more traffic and making your blog the best it can be.  He also has a Featured Friday Writer and he featured me a few months back! I was so honored! Dan taught me that in order to build a successful blogging business you need to learn something new every day!  You will want to follow @danswords on Twitter and learn from the best!!!
Susan form A Country Garden
Susan from A Country Garden
  • Susan from, A Country Garden Journal’s milestone to me is that being a mentor is an important part of blogging and creating a successful business.  I met Susan in my Facebook group and she has taught me more than she even knows! I have had the pleasure of mentoring her on her blogging journey.  When Susan asks me a question I am not 100% sure of the answer, I do the research, find the answer and then explain it to her in a way she will understand.  Susan has taught me it is important to be there for other bloggers and help them as much as I can because first and foremost I am a teacher. If you love gardening and cooking and baking with fresh vegetables you will want to follow her Facebook Page, A Country Garden Journal, as well as her blog!
Sara from Confidently Radiant
Sara from Confidently Radiant
  • My daughter Sara’s milestone to me is that I need to find my confidence and she is helping me find it through her Facebook group, Confidently Radiant with Sara Holly.  Sara is not a blogger, but she is a small business owner and she has taught me that sometimes outer beauty will give you the confidence to let others see your inner beauty.  Her videos inspire me that I can be a better blogger by putting myself out there and just be myself! Follow her at Confidently Radiant with Sara Holly.  If Sara would like to post a blog about her who she would nominate, I would be honored to have her guest post on my blog!

To my Nominees,

If you wish to participate, please follow these simple rules for the Milestone Blogger Award:

  1. Thank the person who nominated you with a backlink.
  2. Give at least one milestone they helped you achieve.
  3. List three goals you are currently working on
  4. List 5 nominees and include a link to their site.
  5. Give at least one reason for each as to why you have chosen to nominate them.
  6. Give a link back to Midlife Milestones, allowing others to read its origin.

To end, I want to let you know that there are sooooo many bloggers, friends, and family that have taught me so much and for that, I am truly thankful!!!


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4 thoughts on “Milestone Blogger Award

  1. Thank you I am so grateful and honored by your nomination! I wish I could write the joy that my heart is feeling! ❤

  2. This is fantastic! Thank you for participating with this award for you so deserve it! Your post is exactly why I started it!

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