Quick Trip – Port Washington, Wisconsin – Close to Milwaukee and Chicago

Port Washington

Along the shores of Lake Michigan, about thirty minutes north of Milwaukee and two hours from Chicago, lies the small town of Port Washington Wisconsin.  This small maritime district of Wisconsin is home to many great restaurants, hotels, and bed and breakfasts. On our latest visit we were only there for one day and night, but it felt like a week!  We saw and did so much and we still had time to relax in our jacuzzi tub!

No Key Cards Here!

As always, our first stop was in Kenosha, Wisconsin at Uncle Mike’s.  This is one of our favorite breakfast stops in Kenosha!  It has a great Bloody Mary and the staff is friendly (say, “Hello” to Ron from us if you stop by on the weekend).  The breakfast is always hot and plentiful, (most of their breakfasts you can get half orders because they are so big!) but if you want quick…go to McDonald’s, this is a sit back and relax type of bar.  They have over 40 different beers on tap and many more in bottles!  In addition, they have a huge selection of whiskey and a full bar.  If you go for lunch try on of their half pound burgers, they are amazing, fresh and juicy.  In the mood for a snack?  Try their wings they are made fresh! Oh, and don’t forget to get an order of their combo cheese curds, a great combination of jalapeno and white cheddar cheese curds.  My personal favorite is their Monster Nachos!  Need a place to watch a game?  This is the place!  

Uncle Mikes, Kenosha, WI


We arrived in Port Washington at around 11:00 am and we made our way to our favorite downtown bar, Schooner Pub.  What a friendly place!  The bar sits a few hundred feet from Lake Michigan’s shore.  If you are lucky enough to score a seat on the upper level, the view on their enclosed glass is amazing!  This was the first time we enjoyed the downstairs bar (there was a baby shower upstairs…darn it).  The bar was a beautiful antique and if you would like the history, ask the cook!  He knows the story.  

After enjoying cocktails at the Schooner, we walked the Main Street.  We found some great buys in their quaint and friendly stores.  Our favorite stop was Bernies Fine Meats.  They have a wide selection of sausages, meats, and Wisconsin cheeses.  

Port Washington, Wisconsin from Across the Bay

Off to the play we go!  There are many small dinner theaters in Wisconsin, but Memories Dinner Theater is one of our favorite!  The food is always great and the play is always well done.  This time was no exception!  We met some nice people and laughed out loud at the play.  We loved it so much we are going back on March 3, 2018 for their Chicken Comedy!  An all you can eat broasted chicken dinner and a comedy show!  How can you go wrong with this one?  I would also like to mention they have a bar that serves cocktails, beer and wine.  This place is a must visit if you go to Port Washington!  


After lunch, drinks and many laughs we were off to our hotel for the evening!  What an amazing day so far!  

The Port Hotel is located about a block from Port Washington’s Main Street.  Entering the hotel we were met with a set of long stairs to the second floor (there is no elevator, this is not a place for the elderly or handicapped).  Entering the second floor we found a room with a desk and two chairs.  This is their check-in area!  What a unique way to check people in to this lovely bed and breakfast type inn.  We were quickly greeted by Joe, the owner.  We sat down and he went over the rules and such.  He was a friendly man and thorough!  We signed away our life (not really, but yeah really!).  He was even nice enough to upgrade our stay since our room had a slight mishap with the fire escape plan on the door (or I like to think he was just really nice!!!).  

Joe showed us to our room.  I couldn’t believe my eyes when we entered the room it was so…well…BEAUTIFUL!  Joe took us around the room and showed us all the bells and whistles (there are a lot!).  We were so impressed with the room we decided to stay in and enjoy the Jacuzzi instead of venturing into town, again.  

The bedroom has a beautiful antique king bed with a pillow-top mattress, cozy European style pillows and bedding overlooking a beautiful gas fireplace.  All the furnishings and ornamentations are beautiful and fit perfectly into the decor of the room.  Through the door in the bedroom you will find a large bathroom similarly decorated to the bedroom.  The huge jacuzzi bathtub calling my name!  They even leave you bath salts and terry cloth robes to enjoy help you enjoy your bath.  In addition to the huge tub, they also have a large shower with a rainfall shower head.  I was just overwhelmed by the beauty of the room!  It didn’t take me long to open my bottle of wine (I never go anywhere without a bottle of wine!), fill the tub, and sink into a relaxing bubble bath while enjoying a view of the town from the window.  

After a relaxing bath and a few glasses of wine, it was time to venture out to a luscious dinner.  We didn’t have to go far to find Ashley’s.  The door is located on the ground floor by the hotel entrance and exit.  Again, the same lovely decor in the restaurant as the hotel.  The owner of the hotel used to run the restaurant, but recently he has leased the restaurant and bar to Daryll Ashley.  

Our restaurant experience is a mixed review…the food was good, service was…well weird, and the atmosphere was relaxing.  I loved the old world feel of the restaurant.  The sage green upholstered chairs with a look of the 1800’s and white linen tablecloths create a simple yet elegant decor.  Not too fancy, but fancy enough.  The waitress was a little… I don’t know how to explain her…she was somewhat hurried and seemed to not understand where she worked. I guess I could say she didn’t fit the elegant decor.  

We ordered our drinks and settled in to look at the menu.  The restaurant boasts of its famous barbecue, Fred just had to try some, I however wanted a juicy steak.  Fred ordered the pork shoulder and I ordered the filet.  What is this? They do not offer soup and salad with the meal? No they do not!  I was surprised with this as finer restaurants do (and the prices were not cheap), I guess you can order salad as one of your sides if you choose (you get two side choices with your meal).  Yet another surprise was no bread or corn bread was served with the dinner.  I am used to these “treats” when we go to a nice restaurant as part of the meal (makes it not so hard to pay a higher price).  A few minutes after ordering the waitress came back and said they were out of the pork shoulder, she did not offer a menu to help Fred decide on a new choice and just stood there waiting.  He reluctantly ordered the brisket dinner.  He wasn’t offered a new choice on sides, she just went off to put in his new order.  After that we did not see her for a while.  There were only a few other tables in the dining room occupied.  I did over hear the other waitress and she seemed much nicer and willing to accommodate.  She read off the specials, the list of what they were out of, and was genuinely attentive to her tables.  Maybe ours was new.


When dinner arrived it was delicious!  My filet was cooked to perfection, cut with your fork, and melt in your mouth good!  The green beans were not fresh, but out of a can and salty, the baked potato was perfect, could use a little more sour cream though.  Fred’s brisket was tender and the barbecue sauce was a great compliment to the smokiness of the meat.  The coleslaw was a disappointment as it tasted like it came from a grocery store container.  The disappointments were small, and the meal was good.  I would go back and try it again.  

After dinner we decided to go to the bar and have a few drinks before retiring upstairs to our room.  The bartender and patrons were friendly and the drinks were amazingly cheap!  We relaxed, drank, watched some sports and enjoyed the decor.  The bar has the same turn of the century decor as the restaurant and hotel.  It even has some old time video games for you to enjoy!  

Upon returning to the room we were pleasantly surprised they had turned down our bed and left some chocolates!  The bathroom was cleaned, clean towels and more bath salts were placed in the bathroom!  I felt like a queen!!! Our sleep was undisturbed in the comfort of the pillow-top mattress.  

In the morning, right at our scheduled time, a knock on the door and a fresh hot tray of breakfast with hot coffee!  I ate my hot, homemade corned beef hash and eggs and then crawled into a nice hot bath with a fresh cup of coffee.  Fred enjoyed his chocolate chip pancakes.  What a relaxing way to start the morning!  It was a sad moment when I had to leave the comfort of this room!

We left the hotel and went to The Smith Brother’s Coffee house in town and got another cup of coffee for the road.  What a nice little coffee shop!  We drove out of town and headed towards Saukville, WI.  We discovered this wonderful nature center, Riveredge.  It is 379 acres of fun in nature!  They even rent snowshoes, have cross country ski trails, a climbing area for kids, and much nature!  Can’t wait to go back when it isn’t rainy and cold to do some more exploration!  What an amazing find.

On our way out of Wisconsin we found the most amazing authentic Lowland European Bier House and Restaurant.  I was starving at this time and ordered the Squash Soup and cheese curds and Fred ordered the chili.  It was amazing!  The waiters were friendly and the decor was rustic and overlooks the Menomonee River in Wauwatosa, Wi.  

Bellies full, feeling refreshed and relaxed we headed home.  Next trip in two weeks!  Back to The Port Hotel and Memories for the Chicken Comedy!  We can’t wait!!!

For more information on Port Washington visit Visit Port Washington

For more information or to make reservations to The Port Hotel visit The Port Hotel Website

For More information on any of the other places click on the links in my post!  

Where do you go to that is close to home and you find fun and relaxing?  

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8 thoughts on “Quick Trip – Port Washington, Wisconsin – Close to Milwaukee and Chicago

  1. Wow! I never knew it was such a place. I love traveling to local places because you can always find something unique. The hotel looks intiguing and the food looks yummy. Not too far from me, so I will add it to my list.

  2. This looks like such an amazing and yummy trip!!! I love cheese curds and think the addition of Jalapenos sounds awesome!!! Also love the look of that Baked Potato and steak. I love Wisconsin and that general area. Thanks for all of the info.

  3. Oh, I just love Port Washington. Wisconsin has my heart and soul, it’s just too bad I can’t handle those winters anymore. Great article. Thank you for the flashback 🙂

  4. Thank you for the wonderful article. You literally transported me there. And your photos were gorgeous and plentiful!

  5. Thanks for the review we are always looking for new places to try out

  6. Reading this blog made me very hungry for all of the yummy food you mentioned. And I want to stay at the Port Hotel – everything looks so cozy there!

    1. Port Washington is amazing! You would love it there! We are going back this weekend.

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