Route 41 Roadhouse – Wadsworth, IL

At the corner of Route 41 and Wadsworth Rd, in the Village of Wadsworth, IL, sits a quaint historical restaurant. In the past, this little restaurant has had several names. I believe the first name was, “A Bit of Sweden”.  Then in the 1970’s, it became “The Buggy Whip”.  When the Nystrom’s purchased the restaurant in the 1980’s they renamed it, “The Wadsworth Inn” and they later changed the name to, “Doug’s on 41”.  

In 2008, Mary and Michael Bennett bought the restaurant and changed the name to “The Savanna House”.  They based the name on the idea that the restaurant sits on a piece of property surrounded by the Wadsworth Savanna Forest Preserve.  The Savanna House was known for its southern cooking, like fried chicken, fried green tomatoes, Friday night fish fry, and their famous corn muffins with cinnamon butter.  The name The Savanna House would yet become another piece of the restaurant’s history when Bennett’s decision to reinvent the restaurant and make it more of a laid back bar and burger joint.  In January 2018, the Bennett’s would rename the restaurant too, Route 41 Road House.  In 2019 the Bennett’s sold the restaurant to Krissie and Todd Gaines, who currently (September 2020) own Route 41 Roadhouse. 

Located at the corner of 41 and Wadsworth Road, Wadsworth, IL

The Newest Owners of Route 41 Roadhouse – Krissie and Todd Gaines

The, Route 41 Roadhouse, was totally rehabbed the summer of 2019 and the menu was updated. The new and improved atmosphere includes barn wood and brick walls.  They renovated everything from the bathrooms to the floors.  They took the gambling machines out of the main bar area and moved them to their own room.  They even replaced all of the bar stools and tables.  The inside of the restaurant is quaint and makes you feel at home. 

Behind the Bar at Route 41 Roadhouse

Route 41 Roadhouse has a full bar

The Krissie and Todd have an amazing menu that features burgers, mac and cheese, sandwiches, pizza, and many appetizers.  They are especially well known for their fresh-made chicken wings.  This past summer they bought a smoker and have been smoking ribs, brisket, chicken thighs, and are experimenting with other smoked dishes such as smoked baked beans.  On Friday nights they continue the tradition of the “Friday Night Fish Fry”.

Route 41 Road House is one of our favorite restaurants in the area and we frequent it at least 3 times a month…if not more!

The entire staff at Route 41 are wonderful, caring, helpful, and fun!  You can almost always find Krissie and Todd behind the bar to say, Hi! and see how you are doing.  Michelle and Jancee are my favorite bartenders and servers, but all the staff is amazing!

Table with Wine Old Fashion and menus

About the food…I have not had anything that I wouldn’t recommend!  The burgers are big, juicy, and cooked to your liking.  My favorite is that Patty Melt…it is YUMMY!  Their Ruben is the real deal and the Turkey Club is always fresh and filling.  Their pizza is fresh and cooked to perfection.  I love their fish fry and the potato pancakes are a treat you can only get on Friday.  Their chicken wings are house-made, big, and juicy.  If you are there on a day they have made something in the smoker, you need to get it!  Their rub is sweet and spicy and the BBQ Sauce is perfect.

All in all, visiting Route 41 Roadhouse is a great experience!  However, don’t stop in if you are in a hurry…because you won’t want to leave!

Wine and Old Fashion Route 41 Roadhouse

Be sure to like their Facebook Page to stay updated on their current and upcoming events and specials.

Route 41 Roadhouse Facebook Page

Go to their Website to view the menu and upcoming events!

Route 41 Roadhouse Website

How to get there:

Route 41 Roadhouse Getting There

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