Starting a Blog is FRUSTRATING! Join Me in My Quest of Becoming a Blogger!

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Blogging…who would have thought it was this difficult to get started?  I thought about doing a blog for years.  Why not?  I love to write, share stories, travel, eat great food!  The perfect recipe for a great blog, right!?!  Well I am here to tell you, it isn’t all writing, eating, traveling, and raking in the money!  

“Why Blog?”

Why blog? I heard that if you write a quality blog, you could go places and do things that you would never have done without the blog.  You can travel to new and exciting places…for free!  You can eat at nice restaurants, and not pay a dime.  You can make money by writing short articles about things you love!  I love to write, dine at restaurants, travel to new places!  I thought, this is the perfect job for me.  I set out to make it happen!  I searched for, “How to Start a Blog”, and proceeded to read and learn.  I have learned so much since that day!

“Truth is…”

Truth is, the only places I have been so far is my couch, my dining room table, and some local restaurants.  I have had one semi-sponsored post (a discounted meal and a free drink, which I appreciate more than words can express).  I can’t even get my family and friends to subscribe to my blog!  Without the subscribers no one is going to look and me and say, “Hey, look…people like her so we should ask her to do a blog on us…never going to happen!  No one ever told me how hard it would be to get people to subscribe to a blog!  I just thought my writing, passions, and love for what I was doing would make it happen. 

“Want more truth? Probably not…”

Want more truth?  Probably not, but you are getting them anyway!  A blog costs money!  You have to pay for a host site (if you want to monetize your blog), training (I have no idea what I am doing), materials to plan your blog, set up an office, an e-mail service, your theme, your logo, pictures (yes, you have to buy pictures if you don’t have your own), money spent on places to get blogging material, and on and on and on!  I know with any business there is an investment, I just didn’t realize a blog would cost this much just to get it up and running!  I just can’t see the end of the tunnel and I am frustrated.  On a positive note, I am sending out my first round of letters, begging for sponsored post tomorrow!  This is the worst part!

“Begging does not become me!”

Blogging is difficult if you are not an extrovert.  I am definitely and introvert.  Sure to my family and friends I may seem like an outgoing person.  Truth is I have a difficult time with asking for anything! I hate being the center of attention.  I hate that I will have to ask businesses for free services for my blog.  Begging does not become me.  It is hard!  In order to get started with sponsored posts (getting paid to write a post for a product or service), seems easy enough… Ugh!  I just am not that type of person.  I am not wired that way.  I was taught nothing is free in life.  I guess I have to learn I am providing a service for free services/products, not just begging.  I mean, writing a quality blog post isn’t easy!

“Defeat is my middle name!”

Why do I feel defeated? I follow this blogging site, for new bloggers, these new bloggers are constantly posting, “#celebrate – Just launched my blog and I already have a thousand subscribers.  Oh yeah, and a famous magazine wants me to write a blog for them.  Oh yeah, and Disneyland wants me!”.  Okay, a bit exaggerated, but when you read these success stories, it reminds you of where you are…two months after launching and twenty-three subscribers!  I am still in the begging other bloggers, family, and friends to subscribe to my blog. Me, “Can you comment on my social media or share a post/tweet…anything!”.  Again, it goes back to that introverted thing.  Defeat is my middle name, I always feel defeated because I have a hard time putting myself out there in the first place.  This reminds me…have you subscribed to my blog yet?  LOL…no seriously, have you?  I doubt it.  Like I said, at this time I have a whopping twenty-three subscribers…after two months of begging…ugh!

“Constant fear of failure.”

At times, I think about deleting this blog and starting a new one, I can’t afford two blogs and this one is just not working.  After all I have learned in the last month, I may have done some things wrong (okay, most things wrong). I have a constant fear of failure.  This makes me want to go back to the beginning and start over.   Then I think of all the time, energy, money I have already put into this blog, I think about it and realize…no! Just pour more of what I learn into what you have already done!  You can do this!  You got this!  

“…believe it is a business and not just a hobby!”

My Office! My dog is always at my feet wanting me to pet him and play.

Another thing about blogging as a business is getting friends and family to actually believe it is a business and not just a hobby.  The bloggers that I am learning how to blog from (awkward sentence, but too tired to care) are making over a million dollars a year!  I know, they have done this for sixteen years.  I know I have a lot to go to get even $500 a month.  I know I have so much to learn and accomplish.  I know that it will take a while for the pay checks to roll in.  I do truly believe it will happen (even with my frustration, I know it will happen!).  As a business owner, the house may not get clean and I may not get dinner on the table every night.  

“…I have discovered that this will take a huge amount of time…”

Where does the time go?  I spend hours and hours a day working on my blog!  Some people make a lot of money because they have created these amazing classes on how to start a blog and charge bloggers a lot of money to take these classes.  Where do they get the time to create the curriculum?  I am a retired teacher!  I love writing curriculum, it was my forte!  It is 9:45 am and I am still in my pajamas, drinking coffee and blogging.  I haven’t cleaned the house all week, only cooked dinner two nights, and I am neglecting bills, dogs, grandchildren, husband, children, chickens, and life in general.  I am lucky I can work from home, but working from home makes it seem like you aren’t doing anything (to others!  I know I am working).  I am serious about making this a business and I have discovered that this will take a huge amount of time, each day to succeed!

“I love what I am doing!”

I love what I am doing!  I know they say if you want success, you need to enjoy what you are doing, and I do love blogging.  I hope that shows through my posts.  I love writing and I want this to succeed so I can continue to write.  I want people to come to my blog, sit back, relax and enjoy a good story.  I don’t want to scare people away with my advertising.  I know there are fears out there that there will be spam, or too many ads.  In truth, I need the ads to help me stay afloat, but unless you want to click on them, they are just there.  I will only e-mail when I have something important to say!  This is a business, I want it to succeed!  I would never do anything to send away my customers. 

“…the importance of interacting with bloggers…”

Finally, I don’t think people actually realize the importance of interacting with bloggers and what sponsors look for when they are looking to possibly sponsor you as a blogger.  Liking a blogger on social media is great, but sponsors look at the blog site.  Interacting with posts by commenting is huge!  Sponsors don’t necessarily look at how many people have as subscribed, but they definitely look at how many visits, how long you stay, how many clicks you make, which posts you read, how many comments, the quality of the comments.  They look to see if you are buying into the posts and you are being called to action. I spend about 50% of my time on other people’s blogs and social media interacting with their post.  In return, I hope that some of them will come back and reciprocate on my sites.  If you went somewhere from  a blog, or you want to go after a post that helps!  Let the blogger know!  Yes, sponsors also look at social media…are people interacting with the posts?  Sharing, commenting, liking.  It is a game bloggers have to play to get the business sponsors.  I guess it is like any business though, you have to play the game to succeed!

“On a positive note…”

PS – On a positive note, as I was putting the finishing touches on this post, Bluehost (the company that is hosting my site) sent me an e-mail and stated, “I visited and I’m super impressed! I see a lot of potential on your site…”.   I will take each small success as an achievement.  I will then move on to make more successes.  I am so excited!!! Get your favorite drink and join me on my journey (my favorite drink is coffee in the morning and wine at night, with an occasional Grey Goose Martini with Blue Cheese Olives!).  Witte’s World Blog

Look for my next blog – How to Start a Blog!

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Here are some affiliate links if you are thinking of starting your own blog.  Yes, it is frustrating, but also rewarding.  This is where I started and I am glad I started here:

It’s A Lovely Life – How to Start a Blog

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39 thoughts on “Starting a Blog is FRUSTRATING! Join Me in My Quest of Becoming a Blogger!

  1. I blog frequently and I genuinely appreciate your content.
    The article has really peaked my interest. I will bookmark
    your website and keep checking for new details about once per week.
    I subscribed to your Feed as well.

  2. Awesome post! I would love to see how you organize your blog planning. I see you have a notebook with the name of your blog and the year written on it. You should show us a peek inside! 😉

  3. Your post inspires me. It takes a lot of courage to start a blog and you sum it well. I will continue to work on my blog and support fellow bloggers because at the end of the day we are in this together. I’m learning tons from you. Much success to you and your blog. ?

    1. Thanks Edel! I agree we are in this together. You teach me so much too, especially to stay positive.

  4. oh girlfriend I will totally have a martini with blue cheese olives and drink that!

  5. So much truth here but patience is key. As for me , in as much as I would love to make huge money from blogging ( I’m making a little now ), my ultimate goal is to inspire and my blog a home for girls. The money is just the icing on the cake. Just do the you and keep writing.

  6. It definitely takes alot of time and energy to start and run a blog. It comes so easy for some and for others (like me) I’ve had only small successes. But I love what I’m doing so I’m keeping at it. So don’t give up, keep at it!

  7. Hang in there! Just make sure you are having fun and love what you are doing and the rest will follow!

  8. So much of this is true for me, too. I will say, though, that once I began to see this as a business and wrote out a very detailed Business Plan, I have been feeling more confident and my stats are starting to show this – stay strong!!!

  9. I do think it is harder for introverts. When I first started reaching out to companies it took me a coup,le days of chickening out because I couldn’t get over the hump of the initial contact. I am very private and introverted and I felt like…who am I to ask them for anything.

    1. I just keeping saying to myself, “all they can do is say no”. But to me no is a failure, I hate failure. So far I have sent 4 e-mails…so far, not one reply?

  10. I hear you. Such a refreshing post. We are all doing so much unpaid work. But it is our work for a change and that is what keeps me going. Courage xox

  11. I’m sorry you’re feeling so frustrated by it all. But know that you’re not alone! I have to work really hard to keep myself balanced between the writing I love to do (the reason I started this in the first place) and all the technical and business lessons I have to learn to make it work. I’ve found that if I just write down every idea I need to look into or question that pops up, I can get it out of my head. Then when I’m feeling ready to tackle the business stuff, I have a list to work from and it has been keeping me sane so far.

    1. Great idea! At this point I have hit a wall…I am going to focus on my blog posts, get my branding and logo finished.

  12. There is a lot of truth here. I am exhausted trying to launch a blog, working full time and try not to kill my family. It is a lot harder than I ever thought it would be. Very early on I read a post that said you will want to quit at lot, sometimes several times a day. Today was one of those days but reading through several blogs and planning out February has helped. Stay the course, it is definitely not a famous overnight thing.

    1. Thanks for the words of encouragement! I will keep on working towards my goals!

  13. Blogging is a lot more time consuming than I ever thought, but I love it. I look forward to days it become a profitable adventure.

  14. Stay strong! It’s hard starting out but as you go it gets easier. And it’s so worth it in the end!

  15. Keep going! It’s a tough road. I feel the same way sometimes, but it’ll all be worth it as you reach your goals. Looking forward to reading more of your blog!

  16. So much truth! I officially started blogging Aug 2017, and the cost to start up (and maintain) is real! I, too, have only received a few freebies to blog about and share, and no actual dollars yet through sponsorships (though I keep applying and getting denied, LOL). I, too, keep searching for the light at the end of the tunnel. ?

  17. What a wonderful piece, Linda. It’s like you read my mind! I do have a special comment about this, though, that you wrote: “I hate that I will have to ask businesses for free services for my blog. Begging does not become me.” Just because businesses give you something, they still get plenty in return, even if it’s not cold hard cash. It is totally quid pro quo – you are giving them free publicity by sharing all about them with your growing legions of fans! xoxo – Maggie

    1. Thanks Maggie, I get that it is a win/win for all of us! Now if someone would actually sponsor me…I think after the first sponsor post, I will be fine!

  18. Totally understand and identify. I’m still doing it because I enjoy it, but it requires more time and energy to succeed than I’m willing to devote right now. But good luck!

  19. Haha! I feel your pain! I have gotten to the point where I don’t even read the #celebrate posts. I do love blogging but it is a million times harder than people act like it is. Don’t give up. This is a long-term proposition. Most blogs fail because most bloggers quit! It’s a ton of work but slow and steady might just win the race. At least I hope so!

    1. I am not giving up, that is for sure! I love writing, but I hate all the other stuff. I also don’t understand how liking other bloggers pages is going to help. It’s not like you are going to buy anything from my blog. I live the support though, it is really needed!

  20. Couldn’t have said it better myself ? But keep it up, we will get there one day! I am glad people warned me its not a get rich quick scheme. That still doesn’t help when you feel in the thick of defeat though!

    1. Yeah, I know it will take time…just need some sign I am on the right track…

  21. #truth. I’ve been blogging for 8 months now and am still where you are. I trust that perseverance will pay off in the end, and I’m learning a little more each week. Worst case scenario, I’ve got an outlet for all these words in my head ?

    1. I wrote this awhile ago…now I am just overloaded! All the tweets, Facebook’s, Instagram, and don’t get me started on Pinterest! I still have made less than $10.00. I am frustrated at myself, I had no idea it was this much work!

    1. Thanks! I am hanging in there. Love blogging and connecting to great bloggers like you?

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