Sunshine Blogger’s Roll Call

Sunshine Blogger's Roll Call

Sunshine Blogger

Welcome to our Sunshine Blogger Roll Call. We believe that blogging is a community and we need to support each other.  We are looking forward to featuring as many blogs and bloggers as possible. If you have been recognized with the Sunshine Blogger Award, please let us know at so we can get you added to the list.   In addition, if you know someone that should be here let us know.  We love our community and if there is a way we can support you through a guest post, collaboration, or linking to posts, let us know!

Here is our list of Sunshine Bloggers!  We look forward to adding many more to the list:

Colemanconcierge – A blog that “strives to offer practical tips and advice that will inspire everyone to expand their comfort zone and to explore the world around them.”

Pacemaker Blog – Edel Pace is the most positive blogger I have ever read.  According to her, “Let your self-image be the pacemaker of your heart, your mind and your soul. Each day reactivate your successful instincts until the success habit becomes part of you, until it hypnotizes you – for, after all, habit is a form of self hypnosis.”

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