What makes you the most thankful? We are asked this question a lot this time of year. I don’t even have to hesitate when I answer this question, this year.

I am thankful for my life. Everyday I wake up, is a good day. No, I did not survive a terminal disease that ravaged my body, I survived a disease that ravaged my mind. I lived in a dark place for a few years, and yes, at times I wished I were not on Earth anymore. I consider myself lucky to be a survivor!

I survived because of my family.

My husband held me close and loved me, my daughter reminded me of my importance in her life, my oldest son believed in my strengths, and my middle son gave me reasons to smile. I look back today at all the little things said (and not said) that assured me that I did have reasons to be here and I believe I am one of the most thankful people a live today.

I am thankful for my husband who has loved me unconditionally for thirty-nine years. We married when we were eighteen. I was four months pregnant…shock! We literally grew up as husband and wife. We have defied all the odds and remain, not only husband and wife, but best friends. He is my rock, my foundation, he holds my heart. He is my true soul mate and when my life went gray, he helped me to open my eyes and see the blue sky again. He brought back my smile.

I am thankful my children are not only children, but my true friends. We hold each other up when we are desperate to fall. I cannot imagine my life without them. Just thinking of them and all they have become fills my heart with joy. When clouds filled my world, my children helped me find the sunshine.

I am thankful my daughter-in-laws and son-in-law are like my own children. I couldn’t imagine life without them. They all take such wonderful care of my children and grandchildren. I think of them as my friends, as well as, family. Through them I can hold my chin up and see the eagles soar.

I am thankful for all my grandchildren. They make me proud. Through their eyes I can truly see that I raised my own children with love and care. If I was not a good parent, my kids would not be such wonderful parents. Through their eyes I see all the colors of the rainbow.

I have had a few rough years, but those are behind me…now I am thankful because I have blue skies, sunshine, eagles soaring, and lots of rainbows! I love my life!

Happy Thanksgiving! Don’t forget to stop and count your blessings today.

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2 thoughts on “Thankful

  1. You are a very strong, loving and caring person. You inspire me everyday.
    Love you

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