To Wing-it or Not – Planning a Trip

Traveling is the best part of life.  Seeing the beauty all around you, whether it is desert, mountains, plains, oceans, rivers, of a big city.  Traveling is such an amazing honor. When I travel, I take in all the area. The culture, nature, food, everything!  Planning for these adventures is part of the experience and in my opinion the best part. Nevertheless, this week we are taking a road trip, a winging-it trip.  No plans, just heading out.

Blue Butterfly Henry Doorly Zoo Omaha NE
Winging-it – Get it? Wings…

First off, we were not going to take any trips this year.  A few short trips to our land up north, but no long road trips.  Here it is July 8th and we have decided to take a winging-it road trip.  We said, let’s just hook up the pop-up camper and take off. The only plans we have is, we might, make a stop in Omaha, and possibly a stop in Boulder, CO, and maybe a few days in the Black Hills, and a perhaps a night or two in the Badlands. Who knows…

Mount Rushmore through Trees

Now I know you are thinking…well that sounds pretty planned out to me, and I laugh out loud as I write this…my anxiety is going haywire!  I need to know where we are staying, what we will be eating, when we get there, when we leave. We need to let people know we are come…or not coming.  To just pick up and go is definitely not me.

backpack, map and GPS

I just can’t do it!

Why anxiety you ask?  Well, I love the idea of winging-it and just end up where we end up, but we are thinking of stopping and seeing family and friends.  How do you politely say, we might be there and we might not…it is just weird to me. I know I get excited when someone says they are coming to visit.  I would be equally disappointed if they changed their mind.

Now my confession!  I can’t do this winging-it thing!  Finally, I had to pick a day to leave, have a plan to where we were heading, and the days we would be there.  I needed to let these families and friends know our plans. It just isn’t in me to wing-it…yet! I guess if family and friends were not involved in the plan, I would have been happy to head out on a full winging it adventure.  

Coffee, map, planning

So, how is this to be a winging-it adventure…well, we don’t have any real plans for what we are doing in each area we stop. We will be in Omaha a few days, Boulder a few days, the Black Hills a few days, and finally in the Badlands area a few days.


Have you been to these areas? What are some off the beaten path things to do, areas to see, places to eat in these areas?

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